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Makeshift “Hủ Tiếu Mỹ Tho” (Vietnamese pork & seafood tapioca noodles) 15 mi…

2 min read

🍜 Makeshift “Hủ Tiếu Mỹ Tho”
(Vietnamese pork & seafood tapioca noodles)

⏰ 15 minutes and that is prepared!

Is that this genuine? No.
Does it style 85-90% like the true deal? I feel so?
This dish substitutes a number of the conventional elements with objects readily out there to me. Better part is that it achieves certainly one of my favorite flavours in a fraction of the time!

What you will want:
Pork broth / hen broth (portion for two bowls)
1/Four cup dried shrimp
Four shrimps
Four fishballs
Four items of squid
Pork, pre cooked
Chives, reduce into 3″ items
2 tbsp redboatfishsauce (add extra / much less to your style)
Tapioca noodles (or every other noodle! I used Korean candy potato noodles)
Fried garlic and chopped chilies topping

1. Presoak dried shrimp and / or dried squid for those who’re utilizing.
2. Prepare dinner your noodles in line with the bundle directions and put aside.
3. Reheat your broth and add the soaked dried elements for five minutes.
4. Add in remaining elements within the order it takes to prepare dinner going from longest cooking time to your pre cooked elements.
5. Stir in fish sauce toj style.
6. Assemble your bowls and ladle over soup, topping with fried garlic and chopped chilies.

Historically this dish is comprised of pork broth with each dried shrimp and fried squid. Once I made hen broth awhile again within the hen “pho” recipe, I portioned out to a number of batches of hen broth that I may simply defrost later for different meals! So I used hen.. So be it 😂 I additionally did not have fried squid..

I additionally had some pork stomach frozen from my ramen recipe awhile again so I used that. You possibly can substitute for floor pork or bbq pork from a Chinese language bbq retailer if that is simpler for you.

Like I mentioned.. This isn’t genuine so be at liberty make it your personal! Different recommended toppings can embrace fried shallots, quail eggs, imitation crab.